Faces and Places

Story Harbour-wonderful stories my kids love and I must share!!

By Rani Shah

I recently had the wonderful chance to interview a local storyteller who just put together a cd with her wonderful stories. I am telling you, my kids top pick every night is to listen to this...nothing else!  The tales come from all over the world each with a wise lesson to be learned. One of... Read More

Sweet Alexis-Fighting food allergies, one cupcake at a time!

By Rani Shah

With school starting, kids and families are gearing up for the new year. I for one am excited for Tamra to start Kindergarten and Isara starting the second grade. I want them to be productive, happy and secure. I worry that sometimes they may feel left out or secluded--like all parents, we want... Read More

A Despicably Wonderful Junket!

By Rani Shah

Namaste and welcome to my second article of three for a Despicable Great Time! Well, the reviews are out, and Despicable Me opened this weekend with huge numbers! But all money aside, the quality of this film is amazing in both story, content and just pure all around for everyone fun! And I'm no... Read More

A Despicable GREAT Time!

By Rani Shah

Namaste! I am so excited to share with readers of Today's Mama about a fantastic all around, for everyone, movie opening July 9th...Despicable Me! I know you have seen the marketing ads...EVERYWHERE...and now it's finally here! Since I have so much to tell you, I thought I would break it down in... Read More

Namaste! Good Day!

By Rani Shah

I wake up to the sound of a small, but clear yelp coming from our living room. I slowly open my eyes to see the time. It’s about 5:40am. The light of the new day is peeking through the slotted blinds. Another stronger yelp rings through, as if to assure me, “Yes, it’s morning…I’m awake... Read More