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Sharing My Poem

I wanted to share a poem I recently wrote and was published in Mamalode Magazine. It is a poem about Balance…which as mothers, can be something we struggle with. We are seeking that balance…from work to play to family and friends. Constantly changing and evolving…it is part of life. So to that I wrote this poem. Hope it inspires you as it does me.

I Am The Beam.
I find myself
on a fine line.
Walking on it.
Not a tightrope.
A balance beam.
On one side
I see.
I see what
I do
For everyone.
Care, share, and give.
On the other side
I see
what I do for
Seek, find, and create.
In the middle
is me.
The lines crossover.
The air is wide.
I realize in my motion
I am the middle.
I am the balance.
I am the beam.


For more on my excitement of being published, head on over to my blog at Om She Said.

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(image courtesy of Lifehack)

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