Rani is a self proclaimed, "Jane Of All Trades!" She is a certified, licensed massage practitioner, social media specialist, digital artist, freelance writer and most important, mama too two beautiful feisty girls. Her blog, omshesaid.com is her personal space to showcase her life through photos and words. She still can't believe she lives on the beautiful Central California Coast with her husband, two daughters their dog, Slider and cat Sailor!

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Rang in the New Year right, now keep it going!

Remember last year, I was supposed to start off 2011 with a fresh, chilling dip in the Pacific Ocean, but I missed it. Well, not this year!!! I finally took the plunge and started out the year with a fresh new perspective, alongside my mom, who is visiting from India and my youngest daughter, Tamra, and a few great friends!


Honestly, I can’t believe I never did this before! Now it will be a must every year! Something about having your body take a full tilt in extremely cold water, just wakes up the senses!

Along with that, I made THE LIST for this year. This is the “42 things to do before I am 43” list! And yes, the Polar Bear Dip was on it! Check! I suppose it’s like a bucket list or fun list, but it’s something I started a few years ago to just track down and try. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t complete every single item, and just simply try! Make it fun to think ahead and plan!

It’s hard realize that this month will soon be over! Time is flying by! All the more reason to make the most of it! Share your plans, dreams, and goals for this year! It’s nice to share, keep things in perspective and accountable!

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