Rani is a self proclaimed, "Jane Of All Trades!" She is a certified, licensed massage practitioner, social media specialist, digital artist, freelance writer and most important, mama too two beautiful feisty girls. Her blog, omshesaid.com is her personal space to showcase her life through photos and words. She still can't believe she lives on the beautiful Central California Coast with her husband, two daughters their dog, Slider and cat Sailor!

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The many hats one can wear!

Did you ever take pen to paper and write all the jobs and titles you have had to this point? I know….what kind of question it this? But after I went through some realignment with my blog (made some major changes…good changes!), I was brainstorming in my journal and decided to post about all the jobs I have ever had. Then I proceeded to list all the “hats,” I wear and have worn. I was amazed at the list…no….BLOWN AWAY!

In my humble 41 years of life, I was quite surprised to see it all on paper. It was transforming really. What I realized is that these things, these hats, don’t make me who I am today. I made those hats fit me to my style and place in life. Those hats don’t define me, I define them. I wear the hat that needs to be worn for the task that needs to done. Yes, many are care worn and weathered, but still holding true, because I make it so.  You can read my post on the job’s I’ve held here. Here is my list of hats, “er’s” and titles I’ve come to own, transform, and resized to fit me.

  • mama
  • wife
  • friend
  • daughter
  • sister
  • healer
  • writer
  • scanner
  • dreamer
  • blogger
  • artist
  • crafter
  • photographer
  • believer
  • giver
  • taker
  • positive thinker
  • learner
  • creator
  • biker
  • yogia
  • assistant manager
  • supervisor
  • manager
  • staff
  • owner
  • buyer
  • listener
  • fighter
  • holder
  • note taker
  • reader
  • visualizer
  • mentor

I encourage you try this for yourself! Make a list and see what it brings for you…..you may be surprised to see all that you are and more!!!!…and all that you have yet to become!

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