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Lessons I am Learning on The Mat~

So finally I am taking yoga. It’s not at a class in a studio, but rather from an online site…so I have the honor of starting my own practice at home. Is this a plug for yoga…YES! However you can do it, try it. Try different kinds of yoga too, because there are many. Some are intense and really give you a workout, while others are more meditative and stretching. The key point is to try it. I found that with the family schedule so busy, it was just easy for me to try from home.

So first I did my research, and actually found quite a few great sites. But the one I chose was 30 days of Yoga, Curvy Yoga, by Marianne Elliot & Anna Guest-Jelley. These two ladies run the course and they are wonderful. I encourage you to at least check it out yourself and do a simple search for something that works for you. Of course there are videos too, but since I’m on the computer alot, an online course made sense! I am loving it!

One book I am particularly enjoying is Sara Avant Stover’s The Way of the Happy Woman, Living the Best Year of Your Life. In it she honors the feminine spirit through each of the seasons, including what to eat, what yoga series of poses to do, and in general a self care/love yourself read, but in a very innovative and connecting way. It’s not a self help book, but more of a reflective getting back to our true selves kind of book.

So what lessons am I gleaning:

-less screen time means more me time! I’m enjoying planning out my time and day with yoga and meditation coming first

-calm and cool; I find myself more patient and at ease

-by participating in my health and making choices that benefit me, I become stronger and more confident

-I notice little things and relish in simple pleasures; One  mid-morning, after taking the kids to school, I went for a walk near our home. There is a grove of trees near the backbay. I came up with this poem:

Sway, move easy

side to side

easy, steady

roll with the wind

Breeze. Feel the

sway & let it

calm your



-that it is ok to slow down

Have you tried yoga? Meditation? My mama always told me to try things in life, cause it’s the only way to live life to the fullest! I challenge you to try something new and good for you and find something new to learn!

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  1. Danielle@sweetserendipity03 10/24/2011 at 2:16 pm

    I practiced yoga all the time before I got pregnant. During my pregnancy I had some complications and was restricted. Of course, with a new baby I never went back. Your post inspired me to go take a class this week and get back into the swing of things.
    I miss yoga. I feel completely renewed after a good class. It’s great to release stress and anxiety too.

    Thanks for the post!