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The Last of Three, Despicable Me!

Hi there and welcome the the final article in my adventure of a Despicably Wonderful Time! In this final piece, I want to simply share my experience through pictures and words about my trip to LA. Again, I can’t thank enough, Today’s Mama and Seana at NBC, for how this whole thing took place.

I have to share, when I first received the call from Rachael at Today’s Mama, that they wanted me to interview the likes of Steve Carell & Jason Segal, I thought a big joke was played on me…is this for real…is this conversation really happening!? YES!!!! My original personal plans involved traveling up north to visit family and relax in Tahoe. We still did that, but just a few days later. The great thing was, my family is in Sacramento, so arrangements were made to fly to LA from Sac.

When I arrived in LA, and departed the plane, I was met by a tall man with a sign that had my name on it…I just about freaked! But remained cool and said, Hi, I’m Rani. Hank introduced himself and led me to a towncar. I swear, I wish I had my camera to take a picture of the sign, but didn’t want to come off dorky! But of course, my dorkness came shining through as I did take a picture of the inside of the car! I couldn’t help it!

When we pulled up to the hotel, all sorts of people ready to take my luggage were on hand ready to assist. So even though I just had my purse and backpack with me, I obliged by handing my backpack to a bellman, while he escorted me to the front desk. See, this is all I had, but who could resist such service!

When I entered the room, I swear I died and went to Hotel Heaven! WOW! Whoa! Really! A room all to myself! No way…WAY! Check it out! And make sure to read the fine print on the TV!

After  unpacking and taking it all in, I decided to explore the hotel a bit…here is some of what I found…

When I returned, this lovely BAG of SWAG was waiting for me, along with a clean bed..(because of course, earlier, I jumped on it, messing up the covers!), the ice bucket filled and a bottle of water on the bed-stand. The Four Seasons Hotel, so far, was rocking my world!

The Four Seasons Hotel is just lovely. I felt like and was treated like a queen. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t a big name on the screen or elsewhere. The service was just amazing, from the rooms being cleaned and done up twice a day, to all the staff acknowledging me, to the impeccible room service, to the allergy free sheets, to my meals coming to me exactly as I want them, to the workout center and pool, to the business center and use of their latest MAC, to the ambiance, yet casual, freindly atmosphere, to the tv in the bathroom and the wonderful toiletries, to the fact that the hotel was located on the edge of a quiet neighborhood, where a jogging trail was established. Whew!

See that last picture…the one with all the swag on the bed? Well, one lucky Today’s Mama reader will win a few of those cool Despicably Me swag! All you have to do is first after seeing the film, tell me your most favorite part, and you will be entered in to a random drawing to win! That’s it! Easy Peasy!  Just be sure to submit your comments on this post. I can’t wait to hear what you all thought Despicably Me!!!! AI’ll try to post a winner by Monday of next week…that will give your from now through the weekend to check out the movie! Have fun and thanks for sharing my Despicably Wonderful Time!

I leave you with one of my new best buddies! If you want more pics, I have them on my personal blog too…come on over when you get a chance!

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  2. Judi Cutaia 08/13/2010 at 4:47 pm

    Thomas says that his most favorite part is when they are having a shooting contest at the carnival and the littlest girl gets a new stuffed animal and says, “It's so fluffy!!!!!!!!!”

  3. Judi 08/13/2010 at 4:38 pm

    What a really wonderful experience, especially for a full time mom who normally does not run in these type of circles! Thanks for the fresh perspective Rani. My son, Thomas, just LOVED the movie. He said his favorite part was all the “little minions”! Judi

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