Rani is a self proclaimed, "Jane Of All Trades!" She is a certified, licensed massage practitioner, social media specialist, digital artist, freelance writer and most important, mama too two beautiful feisty girls. Her blog, omshesaid.com is her personal space to showcase her life through photos and words. She still can't believe she lives on the beautiful Central California Coast with her husband, two daughters their dog, Slider and cat Sailor!

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Namaste! Good Day!

I wake up to the sound of a small, but clear yelp coming from our living room. I slowly open my eyes to see the time. It’s about 5:40am. The light of the new day is peeking through the slotted blinds. Another stronger yelp rings through, as if to assure me, “Yes, it’s morning…I’m awake..please take me outside!” I oblige our 15 week old lab/terrier mix, aptly named Slider. The girls chose her name for the cute puppy way, she slides across our kitchen floor. This being their first puppy, they are charmed by her, but the duties of care and feeding are, as expected, are left to the care my husband and I, who also, smitten by her floppy-sweet ways, dutifully conduct. I quickly don my weekend morning clothes (sweats,) and shoes, grab the leash and puppy and head out.

As I open the front door of our small, modest two bedroom, one bath home, I am greeted by a warm, steady Santa Ana Wind. These winds tend to arrive towards the end of May, as a prelude to the coming summer. They also carry a slight, salty air of ocean with them, reminding me where I live. I love these winds! With the backbay only blocks from our home, our daily walk follows with Slider and I.

It’s a gorgeous, peaceful morning. The birds just start to wake. The walk leads us to a bay inlet that is surrounded by Sandunes. Depending on the tide, the bay is either filled with a definite ocean/murk and muck smell (low tide,) or a less murkier smell, but pictureseu filled bay, with the floating bloats and skiffs all wading patiently in and around the water.

Known by locals as Cuesta By The Sea, the town of Los Osos is literally off the road that dead-ends at the beautiful State Park, Montana de Oro. I tell visiting family and friends that we live on the edge of the world, where you have no choice but to park your car and hike by foot if you want to see the ocean’s edge! Los Osos has the meaning of The Bears. But no bears currently reside here. There are only two distinct bears, both massive lifelike metal sculptures. One at the beginning of town, signifying your arrival. The other on your way out, heading towards the city of Morro Bay.

Slider loves the backbay, as do most dogs and their owners. The trails are easily worn taking you from one end of the bay to the other, easily leading you back to the semi urban streets. On a clear fogless day, Morro Rock can be seen in the distance. But it’s the fog that most Coastal Dwellers love. It creates a sense peaceful mystery here that I term our secret paradise! As we turn the corner of one of the trails that lead back onto our street, the sun is now shining brightly on the quaintness of each home we walk past. No two homes are alike. Each as it’s own personality, again, another feature I love about it here! I take a deep breath of the ocean air as we make it to our home. Sometimes I still pinch myself…this is really where I live?! My two daughters will grow up thinking this is normal. Fine by me! But my husband and I know that we are very fortunate! We are thankful for our surroundings, despite our small, “cozy” home. I am thankful for the simple things we have and the simple experiences we share.

I hope to share more places and faces with you, the readers of Today’s Mama. Come take a journey with me to the many facets of the coast, where I will be taking snapshots, soaking it all in, learning about the nooks and crannies, while meeting people who make their lives and living on the coast. My name is Rani Shah, and I write for the Faces and  Places feature at Today’s Mama. I look forward to kicking back with you as we travel to our next adventure, sharing all the “pearls,” I find! Namaste!

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  1. Michele 06/08/2010 at 6:24 pm

    absolutely beautiful!

  2. RANI SHAH 06/04/2010 at 8:18 pm

    Anytime! Come on over!!!! We live in a small home, but on a big lot!

  3. RANI SHAH 06/04/2010 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks Rachael! We still can't believe it at times!

  4. Rachael 06/04/2010 at 7:42 pm

    oooh – you live in an amazing place!

  5. erinoltmanns 06/04/2010 at 6:35 pm

    This post is lovely! And, when can I come visit? 🙂

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