Michelle is a married mom of 3 and an aspiring photographer.

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who am i..

I would love to take this first post to say who I am, but to be honest, as I approach my 36th birthday, I am still figuring it out.  For purpose of this blog, I am a mom of 3 and an aspiring photographer. I like the word aspiring, it take lots of pressure off trying to be perfect. Like so many mom photographers out there, my love affair with my camera came soon after I had my first child. I didn’t want to miss a thing so just kept snapping away. My oldest is almost 8, and at the time I was snapping away with..gasp..a film camera. It was not until I got a digital SLR when my second child was born that I really started to love and learn more about photography.  As much as I LOVE photogrpahy, what I LOVE just as much is the new friends I have made over the year as we bond about our passion.

I don’t claim to be an expert, here is always more to learn and improve on. But, I hope that I can use this little spot on the web to teach you a few tips and tricks to help you take better pictures of your kids.

While I LOVE the challenge of taking pictures of a family I have never met, and spending a few hours capturing the essence of who they are, the real challenge for me is getting one nice photo of my 3 kids together. Getting kids who don’t know me to listen to me is much easier then getting my own kids to listen to me.  I’m not asking for much..no funny faces, no closed eyes, no bunny ears, just a nice photo. As a photographer, you would think this would be easy for me..Ha! I have gotten the sibling shots I dream about for many of my clients, but for my own kids, it is not so easy. I have a few photos with the right clothing, right light and right location, but not 3 kids in the frame looking in the same general direction. I was so happy a few weeks ago with the time change..I looked outside at 6:00 after we had eaten dinner and was excited that there was some nice light outside for picture taken. I asked them if they wanted to go outside and play and let me take some pictures. They said yes! For a split second, I considered changing their clothes into something more photo worthy, but decided against it. I knew not to push my luck. I was actually quite pleased with what I was able to capture in just a few minutes. I got many photos that capture the essence of who they are and even a couple of them all in the same frame looking in the same general direction..success!

Want to know my secret to get them to cooperate? A mix of red light green light and Simon Says did the trick!


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  2. Rachael 03/31/2010 at 1:58 pm

    love this! Your kids look so big! 😉
    p.s. We'll get your blog header fixed asap . . . shouldn't say “houston” right! 🙂 Santa Cruz is on it's way . . .